How does burning Rose Incense Sticks help?

Rose is considered in the west to be the ’emperor of flowers’ and scents. Rose has two very interesting roles when it comes to sleep. Research supports that the scent of roses is naturally relaxing and potentially helpful for relieving your stress levels. Research also suggests that rose scent can help improve learning while you're sleeping.

Did You Know?

Appearing at least 35 million years ago in the fossil record, roses have a long history of use in medicine and beauty since their domestication. They were considered so valuable in the 1600s, they were often used as payment and were highly prized by royalty. Early Native Americans used roses for medicinal purposes including the treatment of colds, fevers, the flu, burns, cataracts, sore throats, and various stomach upsets. One species of rose, Rosa Chinensis, has long been used as an element in Chinese traditional medicine. Today, there are over 150 distinct species of roses. No matter where you look across the world, roses have had multiple applications in many cultures across thousands of years. Even the Greeks and Romans used rose petals when indulging in relaxing baths.

How do our Rose-based products help you?

Smella Handcrafted products are all-natural and organic as you already know by now!

We have a variety of our products where we use Roses, such as:

1) Smella Handcrafted Rose Incense Sticks:

The sweet fragrance of rose serves as a great stress reliever and is one of the best fragrances for aromatherapy. Its remedial aroma lifts the spirits, activates the senses, and transcends one into a happier state. The Rose is connected with the heart and love and aromatherapists recommend Rose incense for soothing the emotions and energizing the heart chakra. The rose is known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ in Aromatherapy. Rose incense has a sweet and confident fragrance that can bring a deeper element to our emotions. Rose increases love, compassion, and devotion and gives a sense of security and spiritual attunement. It promotes sleep, reduces anger, is gently anti-depressive, calms strife, and instills a feeling of peace, happiness, and confidence.

2) Smella Handcrafted Rose Soap:

Rose demonstrates substantial potential beyond the usual rosewaters or moisturizers. This is because the flower contains a remarkably high concentration of vitamin C, a powerful acne-reducing agent, and an antioxidant. Furthermore, it is actively involved in the metabolism of collagen promoting greater skin health and longevity, alongside a soft, relaxing scent. This is why products like rose soap benefit the body and mind by rejuvenating, nourishing, and de-stressing.

3) Smella Handcrafted Rose Essential Oil:

Rose essential oil contains high levels of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and keep us looking young longer. Rose essential oil acts as a superb emollient to moisturize skin, protecting the skin from moisture loss and preventing free radicals and toxins from entering the skin. The skin’s moisture barrier is a critical part of the immune system and helps the skin maintain its proper level of nutrients. The scent of rose essential oil has been proven to provide relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and in one medical study even provided burn victims with pain relief. Rose essential oil can contribute to a dramatic reduction in premature aging. Full of antioxidants, antibacterial properties, nutrients, and minerals - rose essential oils and extracts are some of the best-kept secrets in skincare.

The aroma of pure roses is so luxurious, it’s difficult not to enjoy! And so the best rose-containing skincare products help boost not only your skin’s health but your mental health as well. Adding rose-infused products to your skincare routine before bed can help you sleep anxiety-free. Roses are so versatile, they can treat everything from acne-prone skin to mature, dry skin with ease. While a rose by any other name will smell just as sweet, rose in

gredients will also help keep your skin revitalized, youthful, and glowing.

You Are Supporting A Small Business

If you are reading this blog I do not have to convince you that shopping small business is important. Your purchase really does make a difference.

When you buy a handmade bar of natural soap, you are supporting a small business that truly cares about and believes in the products they make.

We do it all ourselves--from start to finish--from our hands to your hands--from our family to yours!

Thank you!

Before I conclude I would like to add one final reason to the question of "Why You Should Switch To Natural Soap Bars." The simplest answer is, Why Not?


Indulge your senses in natural aromatherapy, moisturize your skin, and feel good about what you put on your skin.

Embrace a very simple pleasure of life by using our products. This small change will not only leave your skin beautifully conditioned but will also help make our planet a bit happier!

Your skin will notice the difference and your skin will thank you.

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